Teaching and Learning ICT in the VET Sector

My digital artifact was done on prezi, and shows ICT in the Vocational, Education and Training sector. Teaching VET professionals how to integrate ICT into their classrooms, engaging students, enhancing achievements, and creating new learning possibilities. All the requirements for the 21st century learner.

Transforming adults to the new digital age is more difficult, as it is easier to mould children from a young age.

Teaching and Learning ICT in the VET sector..journey to the digital age – follow the link to view my prezi



Having a messy desk makes you more creative

Having a messy desk makes you “more creative “Just thought of sharing this with you. Scientific studies show that working at a messy makes you think more creativly. They have found that being surrounded by clutter can promote creative thinking and stimulate new ideas.

I must have the neatest desk in the office, so really thinking about my creativity now.

My job as Instructional designer (learning media specialist) calls for new, bright ideas all the time mmmm so untidy desk is the new thing!!


Designing E-Learning

Designing E-learning

Designing E-Learning

An interesting video, I came accross on Designing E-learning. As a learning media designer, I thought that this could help me in my everyday job, developing online resources mainly for the Tafes. But I must say, reading Eva Chua’s post on Begin with the end in mind, is exactly how we are developing online resources. We are using the Assessment plan and are working backwards to develop learning activities.

I enjoyed reading her post as I could easily relate to this.

Teaching Adults anything in 4 easy steps

Teaching Adults ANYTHING in 4 easy steps

Thought this was very, very interesting as I am teaching adults in the VET sector. But I must say this was quite intriguing as I compared it to Michelle Newtons post on A year in the life of childcare. Just reflected on children, and those same children become adults, but the difference in between.

I was just amazed that as teachers,how we have to adapt to differnt needs of learners.